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You are a stressed-out business owner who has heard success tales about employing a virtual assistant. You are well aware of your need for assistance. What they can outsource is where most people get confused. Where does your company most require assistance? How would having a virtual assistant help you the most?


Start with a list of potential ideas to acquire a better understanding of how your company is operated. List every item that is presently on your to-do list for the week. Start with the daily duties you perform, and if those seem too little, expand from there.

It might be easy to focus exclusively on the duties that need to be completed, but if you are already feeling overwhelmed, it is preferable to start with what is going on right now. Once you have a strong grasp on these duties, you may move on to bigger and more ambitious undertakings.

Mark the things that you alone can do at this time. Be extremely detailed in your response. You are an inventor and an entrepreneur. It may seem like you are the only person who can be trusted to undertake any assignment when you are overly protective of your company. If you are experiencing this difficulty while you review your to-do list, take a moment to picture a dependable, knowledgeable, and experienced assistant by your side. Imagine being able to express your wants plainly and having them met. Once you’ve completed this, circle the tasks that a qualified expert could assist you in completing and highlight those that only you can do.

This list serves as a starting point, not necessarily a commitment to what you will outsource. You may now have a better notion of what you might contract out for. From this point on, you may begin to consider your options more broadly.


If you completed the preceding exercise, you already have some suggestions for what you may delegate to a virtual assistant. These are probably repeated jobs. You could write a document describing how you would like these things handled, and a professional in the field could then refer to your document and manage them in a way that is consistent with your brand.

It’s typical to be unclear about what tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant even after completing this exercise. Many people are curious as to what services are typical, what may be safely delegated to a VA, and what kinds of duties virtual assistants have expertise with.

Our assistants at VA Staff know a wide range of areas where our clients most frequently need assistance. Let’s take a look at some typical chores that a top virtual assistant can competently accomplish for your company.

Inbound Marketing Help

At VA Staff, we’re also an inbound marketing firm with expertise in assisting business owners in honing their target market research and attracting the proper customers. You may enhance conversions and the efficacy of your funnel by being clear on who you need to attract.

Database Entry

It takes a long time to enter a database. The time you could spend on projects that advance your business instead of this one is not worth it.

Manage Your Emails

Most internet companies depend on email in some way. Additionally, it requires a lot of time. Do you require assistance arranging your leads? Organizing your inbox? When you don’t give it regular attention, this sort of work may easily become overwhelming. Hire a specialist that excels in maintaining the professionalism and efficiency of your company while managing your contacts.


Do you require assistance producing print-ready brochures? Do your blog postings require images? Do you require professionally planned, branded, and put-together presentations? When you’re trying to go through your day, all of these activities might be stressful and time-consuming, but some virtual assistants like performing these types of jobs and are skilled at completing them on time and to the caliber standard required by your company. In addition to saving you time, hiring someone else may frequently produce results that are superior to those you might achieve on your own throughout a hectic day.


Your social media profiles need to be updated often. You must maintain their interest. You must continue to be known for rapidly answering messages.

The majority of business owners cannot effectively manage social media on their own.

Virtual assistants are used to maintaining a company’s brand integrity while managing social media accounts. By hiring a competent virtual assistant, you can free up your time and benefit from all of their expertise in maintaining active and engaging social media accounts for your audience.

How to determine what will work for your company

It may be challenging for many business owners to decide which tasks to delegate to a virtual assistant. Start by following your instincts.

Take a look at your daily to-do list. Contact a reputable virtual assistant company. Which of these jobs seems appropriate to you now that you can picture a dependable assistant giving your company a competitive edge? Follow your instinct and begin with the assignment that feels most appropriate to you. Start making a place in your daily routine so you can start enjoying the advantages of employing a VA for your company. You’ll have a greater sense of the possible advantages for your firm as things go more smoothly.

Utilize our virtual assistant team to assist you with work delegation!

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